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2023.08.21 Lake of the Woods Outflow Reduction

The extremely dry conditions and very low inflows to Lake of the Woods have caused the lake level to fall steadily since the beginning of August. The current level of Lake of the Woods is 322.73 m (1058.8 ft) a 15th percentile level for this time of year.

In line with it’s Regulation Strategy, the LWCB is directing an outflow reduction to try to maintain storage on the lake as drought conditions persist. Lake of the Woods authorized outflow will decrease to 150 m3/s tomorrow, Tuesday, August 22.

This outflow reduction will cause the Winnipeg River water level to drop by approximately 8 cm (3 in) below the Norman Dam, 2 cm (1 in) above the Dalles, and will cause no change at Minaki. The Winnipeg River below the Norman Dam and at Nutimik Lake, in Manitoba, are both at a 10th percentile level for this time of year.