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Regulation Information

Information on regulation plans and actions of the Board in the past and on its regulation plans for the future can be found at the following links:

Brief descriptions of these items are given below:

  • Regulation Actions – This is a list, by date, of changes in outflow from Lake of the Woods and Lac Seul made under the authority of the Board. These changes were made in accordance with the Board’s regulation strategy in order to address various water level and flow objectives. Changes made in the diversion flow from Lake St. Joseph into Lac Seul are also noted, as are some other items of interest, such as seasonal maximum and minimum lake levels.
  • Adopted Regulation Strategies – The Board meets at least three times a year within the basin to discuss regulation operations with First Nation advisors, specific interest group representatives and natural resource agency advisors. Between these meetings regulation matters are dealt with by conference call, on an as-needed basis, with prior consultation with the advisors and representatives. At these meetings and calls, the Board adopts regulation “strategies”. These strategies are based on the current and projected basin conditions, the input from advisors and representatives, and the general guidelines and objectives for regulation established over the years. They set out, in general terms, the objectives for water level and flow regulation over the upcoming period and the plan for best meeting them under a range of inflow conditions, from low to high. Specific outflow changes in accordance with the adopted strategies are then generally set by the Board’s Secretariat.