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2023.04.17 Lake of the Woods Outflow Increases

Inflow to Lake of the Woods increased over the weekend due to precipitation and increased flows from the Rainy River. As a result, the level of Lake of the Woods increased by 7 cm (2.5 in) over the last three days.

To slow the rate of level rise and achieve a gradual refill of the lake, staged outflow increases are planned this week starting with an increase to 450 m3/s today, April 17, and another increase to 475 m3/s tomorrow, April 18. Each of these outflow changes will cause levels along the Winnipeg River to increase by 6 cm (2 in) directly below the Norman Dam and by 3 cm (1 in) above the Dalles. These flow changes will not affect the level at Minaki.

As inflow stabilizes and the accuracy of this week’s precipitation forecast improves, the need for additional outflow increases will be assessed.