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2022.07.18 Level Forecast

The current level of Lake of the Woods is 324.07 m (1063.2 ft), over 95th percentile level for this time of year. The average lake level declined by 2 cm (0.5 in) over the past week. The lake level is above the 2014 peak of 323.78 m (1062.29 ft) and is below the record peak since regulation began of 324.31 m (1064.0 ft), set in July of 1950. The dams in Kenora remain fully open.

With some precipitation forecasted for the next week 3 to 4 days, the level of Lake of the Woods is expected to increase slightly and then continue its decline. The lake level is expected to fall by up to 4 cm (2 in) over the next 7 days.

As the lake level increases or drops slightly, the outflow into the Winnipeg River will follow suit and small changes in river level are expected. The level of the Winnipeg River immediately below the Norman Dam and down to Minaki is expected to change by 1-3 cm (1 in) over the next 7 days. Local heavy rainfall can cause the river level to rise high than forecasted temporarily.

Upstream, the level of Rainy Lake is expected to return to the normal IJC-regulated range at the end of July. As the lake level declines, outflow from Rainy Lake is also falling, and much larger cuts are expected once the lake returns to normal summer levels. Barring a return to very wet weather, this should result in a much faster rate of decline at Lake of the Woods and the Winnipeg River towards the beginning of August.

The current level of Lac Seul is 356.70 m (1170.3 ft), 80th percentile level for this time of year. With some rain in the forecast, the level of the main body of Lac Seul is expected increase by 3 cm (1 in), but decline over the course of the week by up to 1.5 cm (0.5 in). Lac Seul authorized outflow is scheduled to be decreased from 450 m³/s to 400 m³/s on Monday, July 18. With recent cuts in outflow and declining tributary flows across the watershed, the level of the English River is expected to continue to fall but will likely not reach normal summer levels this month.