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2023.07.04 Lake of the Woods Outflow Decreases

Over the last week, weather conditions in the Winnipeg River basin have shifted to scattered isolated thunderstorms typical of this time of year. Although these storms produce local high rainfall amounts, the overall state of the basin remains dry and these scattered pulses of precipitation are not affecting tributary flows and lake inflows which remain low and in decline.

To hedge against this dry weather pattern, outflow decreases from Lake of the Woods will be directed to match outflow to inflow, allowing the lake level to stabilize. This will build storage on the lake, ensuring preferred levels and flows can be maintained for the summer months on both Lake of the Woods and the Winnipeg River.

Lake of the Woods authorized outflow will decrease to 550 m3/s on Thursday, July 6. The level of the Winnipeg River is expected to decrease by approximately 14 cm (5.5 in) below the Norman Dam, 8 cm (3 in) above the Dalles and no level impacts are expected at Minaki.

An additional two or three 50 m3/s outflow decreases are tentatively scheduled for the week of July 10 with details to be posted in the next week.